Ship Service


As we aim to deliver great value and support at all times, our team works extremely hard to ensure you get your items in the fastest and most convenient way. If you have any personal alterations or have any unique needs for your product delivery, do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team via phone or email.

Your Brand On Our Product


Do you have a unique design and require professional assistance? Duelle Fashion is highly committed to helping facilitate your efforts in order to set your business apart. We can always develop our products to suit your preferred style and design. To get started, simply request an order with a photo or sample. Once completed, we will confirm the availability of your selected item(s) from our factory in China. Upon confirmation of availability, we then proceed to ensure that the product(s) are packaged to your specifications in the best possible way to prevent any sort of damage and for easier mobility. Then the packaged item(s) are shipped to your specified location in the shortest time.

Material Test


With Duelle Fashion, all your worries about abiding with the highly dynamic government regulations is completely obliterated. We offer our clients testing reports from SGS, top verification, testing, certification and inspection organizations. This also includes in-house testing reports incorporating only state-of-the-art equipments